LonTalk Adapter Card

Posted By: sccjr

LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/07/19 10:31 PM

Does anybody know where I can buy a LonTalk Adapter card? The older credit card type. I know these are discontinued for a newer model. Or does anybody know what newer LonTalk adapter I need to buy with the drivers & setup procedures? I have an LN board on a Tac 20 I need to setup.

Posted By: Indirtwetrust

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/08/19 12:25 AM

Echelon TP/FT-10 is the USB adapter. Uses the same cable.

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/08/19 02:02 AM

Dirt, do the same drivers work for this within ims and advanced Lon Manager like the old card used?
Posted By: Indirtwetrust

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/08/19 02:13 AM

You have to download a driver for it and change a setting in IMS but everything else is the same.
Posted By: Rolly

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/08/19 02:28 AM

If you have IMS Ver 2.4.x.x the USB is not a selectable option until later IMS for LON. You can use a serial lon talk adapter (SLTA). If you do end up with a SLTA and only have one serial port, use your serial port for SLTA . Get a PCMCIA to serial for your second serial port. All Drivers are available on Echelon website. I believe IMS Ver 2.5 and above will allow you to select the U10 USB Lon Talk Adapter. I see the U10's on ebay for about $200. The SLTA are hard to find like PCC-10 Card.
Posted By: lowoil

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/08/19 12:27 PM

Its in the tke parts book
Posted By: sccjr

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/09/19 01:48 AM

Unfortunately our IMS tools are 2.4.x.x. We need to get our hands on a SLTA PCC 10 Card to get this LN loaded with the right config file.
Posted By: Jluff

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 02/11/19 07:06 PM

I have the echelon card brand new in the box
Posted By: Elev78

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 10/17/19 09:09 PM

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has found where to get the pcc-10 card for the laptop since this thread
Posted By: Rolly

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 10/17/19 10:55 PM

Pcc-10 cards are hard to find anymore. This will work in place of it.


Opps sorry you need a newer IMS for this to work.
Posted By: Pititi

Re: LonTalk Adapter Card - 10/18/19 11:16 AM

Call to Echelon for the PCC 10, the company what I am working for bought one last year.
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