National Wheel-o-vator EV-12

Posted By: Goat

National Wheel-o-vator EV-12 - 01/24/20 03:28 PM

Attempting to locate prints for a EV-12. Date of install is 2006. This model has the inputs and outputs listed on the control door. Looking for actual prints for this unit though.

Had a bad safe edge, replaced safe edge. Controller now only states "Resetting", and doors are repeatedly opening and closing. All of the inputs needed for reset, per the info I have on the door, are good.

Any literature anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: ashley

Re: National Wheel-o-vator EV-12 - 01/24/20 05:12 PM

If you have the NG-12 controller, I have a set of prints. They are '99 , I don't remember when they switched to the better controller.
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