Gen 2 maintenance

Posted By: ElevatorGuy128

Gen 2 maintenance - 07/01/21 11:05 AM

I know this is going to be pretty generic and vague, just looking for info from others....Got a new customer that has a few newer Otis Gen 2 cars, looking for us to maintain them. Customer purchased the Otis tool for the cars. I think one of them has had a few issues, nothing serious from my understanding. Just wanted to get some opinions or general info from others who have some on route... knowing they have the tool for the cars will that be enough in most cases? is there any other concerns we need to consider taking these over. Obviously we are not Otis, just a small shop but trying to get some of the proprietary stuff on contract. thanks for any help
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Re: Gen 2 maintenance - 07/01/21 07:07 PM

Service tool is definitely important. I wouldn’t cover much more than buttons! They’ve gotten more and more so that there is very little maintenance. Just major repairs. $$$$$. The newer door locks constantly fall out of adjustment. Great when set up right but very easy to bend rollers out of adjustment and trap people.
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Re: Gen 2 maintenance - 07/01/21 08:06 PM

I have had to replace a few stop switches. Do You have all the testing procedures?
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Re: Gen 2 maintenance - 07/02/21 10:28 AM

I have nothing on the testing procedures not even sure I have the correct keys yet for access and what not... trying to get by sometime in the next week or so....Where can I find info on the testing procedures?
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Re: Gen 2 maintenance - 07/02/21 11:11 AM

What’s your email
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Re: Gen 2 maintenance - 07/02/21 01:34 PM

sent you a PM
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Re: Gen 2 maintenance - 07/03/21 04:12 AM

Are they MRL? If so, make sure you have chain block ready to lift the counterweight if your brake power supply bridge rectifier suddenly goes and the cars at the top.

I've had the at120 door motor go on me, and also check your belts for wear,
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