Posted By: danzeitz

Retirement - 01/23/19 12:00 PM

Guys after 40 years in the trade I will be hanging it up Friday! I will check in on you from time to time but we have an RV with a full tank of gas and nothing but time! I loved my time in the trade and feel lucky to have been part of it. Be safe and talk with you guys later. Dan
Posted By: Rolly

Re: Retirement - 01/23/19 12:34 PM

Congrats, I retired in 2012 with 48 Actual Years and 56 Credited with overtime, You will love it!!
Posted By: solidstate

Re: Retirement - 01/24/19 11:32 AM

Happy Motoring! You will be missed on the forum!
Posted By: halfpick

Re: Retirement - 01/25/19 11:06 PM

Happy Retirement Dan!
Posted By: danzeitz

Re: Retirement - 04/27/19 04:21 PM

Ok Just checking in. I think I will master the art of retirement much faster than say adjusting a Vernier Haughton Selector! Just wanted to let anyone considering retirement know that its not all its cracked up to be. Let me tell you- you never get a day off ! Weekends, Holidays nope your still retired! No overtime no nothing!!!! HAHA Loving it Guys...….. Stay safe work safe God Bless.
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