1920 Otis Prints

Posted By: ProfBldg

1920 Otis Prints - 08/21/20 08:18 AM

Looking for 1920 Otis elevator prints. Have tried the Otis archives with my controller numbers, but the prints are not correct. If anyone has knowledge how the controller works,that would be a big help.
Posted By: john jay

Re: 1920 Otis Prints - 08/26/20 11:55 PM

what is the number on the controller?
Posted By: jkh

Re: 1920 Otis Prints - 10/08/20 02:27 AM

In that era of Otis elevator there are many different versions of controllers I have information on.

The 3F, 3FA, 3FD, HK, HKB are DC resistance controllers

The 21ANS, 21ANAS 31ANS and 31ANAS AC/DC controllers which may have come with a 11NAM or 11ANAM micro controller

And the list goes on!

As JohnJay said “what is the number of the controller?”

If you would like send me a PM, I would be glad to speak with a mechanic from your elevator service Company.

Posted By: NY Guy

Re: 1920 Otis Prints - 12/20/20 09:10 PM

My hat is off to ya JKH for offering your services! Nice to see professional courtesy!
Posted By: jkh

Re: 1920 Otis Prints - 12/28/20 02:14 AM

Thx NY Guy. And thank you for your participation. 🤓
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