Another great loss

Posted By: danzeitz

Another great loss - 11/02/18 03:52 PM

October 23 we lost another brother elevator man in Nashville. God bless him and his family. This is the 36th death in our international union since 2012! This doesn't count the riding public or the merit shops who install and work on elevators. When as an industry will we say enough is enough and demand an end to the disregard for the lack of a true safety culture? If the safety protocol states the proper way to do a job then anything less than that should be considered unacceptable behavior by everyone. And anyone who doesn't follow the safety protocol should be brought to task by everyone who sees it. The same way you would call someone out for not following the standard agreement or doing crappy work. There are things we as an industry we will not do and taking short cuts or disregarding safety protocols is the one thing that is KILLING our brothers. Do yourself and your brothers a favor the next time you see someone NOT following our safety protocols STOP the job and call them out. WORK SAFE Dan
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Re: Another great loss - 12/18/18 08:06 PM

Any details on what went wrong ?
Would like to know so we can discuss at work and hopefully learn from it
Posted By: danzeitz

Re: Another great loss - 12/24/18 04:04 PM

I understand it was cause by counter weight strike from adjoin car during a mod. Just what I've heard. frown
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