Quality and code assurance

Posted By: dre1383

Quality and code assurance - 04/15/19 01:12 AM

Curious if anyone out there has had an inspector fail a new install or modernization for quality of work or craftsmanship? Lately the installations to say the least are poor. NEC requires the bare minimum of 6' of flex and so on. I'm honestly interested if this is going on across the country.

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Posted By: ashley

Re: Quality and code assurance - 04/23/19 01:10 AM

The code says a max of 6' of flex, not a min. But that can be circumvented by a junction box. While it looks bad, nothing wrong with the runs. The one thing that does catch my eye is a few missing and wrong size straps. I also question what the white cable is coming out of the recall relay box, IMO it should be protected. But not knowing what it is I can't say for sure. The inspector could probable ask for some protection of the tcable over the sharp edge on that bracket, but really it isn't touching so it would be hard to press the issue.
Posted By: Turbo6

Re: Quality and code assurance - 05/15/19 10:17 PM

Good for the inspector, that looks like crap. I assume mechanic was just worried about making a time frame. It really never takes more time to do something correctly.
Posted By: Flying Ron

Re: Quality and code assurance - 06/08/19 03:38 PM

The electrical work is indeed sloppy and unworkmanlike (a general requirement of the electrical codes). I started as an electrician.

First off, type NM (the white cable) coming from the box marked "PRIMARY" is NOT allowed to be used in hoistways. You would think that the fact that everything else that was in conduit or armored cable would have clued in the dolt who installed it. Further, it has no support at all rather than the fittings on the boxes themselves and the fact it's lying on top of other boxes. This is pretty basic code stuff that even an electrician who never did electrical work would not make. The armored cables aren't much better. The one from the same box is not supported at all. Many of the rest of them are not properly supported (the one going to the RED STOP button seems to have completely fallen out of its clamp because one or the other was installed wrong). Both NM and armored cable need to be supported within a foot of the termination and then every 4.5 feet thereafter. Absolutely basic electrical stuff.

Further, both wiring methods need to follow the finished surface. There's too much play in a lot of the wiring for my tastes. You only get 6' on armored cable when going to raised ceiling luminares. You get only two feet going to items when "flexibility is required." None of these situations appear to require such.

I'm concerned about a few other things. On the right side of the hoistway door frame there's a structural piece coming up from the door latch. There's a flexible conduit coming from the top of the hoisway door enclosure loopign over that extension ( where there is a suspicous piece of black tape) and then into what appears to be a ad hoc fitting to a separate piece of flex going to the box with the hand pinch warning sticker on it. I'm not even going to guess about the blue tape.
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