I recently went to bat with a normic 3200 controller again. In down direction only, high speed only, it would get up to speed and then initiate a panic stop, dropping the brake and doing a rapid drive deceleration. I had previously had problems with failing capacitors in the Thyssen quantum quiet-drive so i wasted some time on that avenue. It is a mod unit using a roller guide encoder on the rail and only using the tape for floor levels, not position count. With some advice i plugged the np programmer into the cartop processor/ppu and found the high speed slowdown parameters had been corrupt. After changing the parameters to the recommended values for that contract speed i was able to get car into service again. Apparently the eeprom in the ppu can become unstable, World will do a repair with 50/50 success of not losing the programmed data. Thyssen requires the original board for repair with no guarantee of lead time, awesome. Has anyone had a northern normic series lose specific bits of data or replaced a ppu board,if so, did it have to come from northern?

Wondering if the eeprom will continue to degrade and leave me up the creek

Happy new year gentlemen.