Guys, If you have the means and the time NAESA International will be hosting a Summit on elevator fatalities and accident prevention for our workers and the public. It is in Phoenix on May the 21st thru the 23rd. Here is a chance for your voice to be heard and heard by decision makers and policy and code enforcement heads. You could make a difference on the future safety of our industry. I will be attending and voiceing my opinion on topics like route loading. Maximum allowable hours to be worked. And supplying men ALL the proper safety tools available like the TIMEOUT JUMPER so jumper left behind accidents can be prevented and save injury and deaths to our workers and the riding public. We have elevator men being criminally prosecuted for FORGETTING and going to jail for FORGETTING......Someone hurt or killed you lose your job and maybe your freedom for FORGETTING!!! And a device has been on the market for 8 years that WOULD of prevented these accidents but your employer refused to buy it! But they have stickers to remind you. Well why do we need safety harness and hard hats when all we really need is more stickers!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! OK OK I'm done for now. But if you cant be at the conference you can make some suggestions of things you KNOW would make our industry safer for everyone. So lets hear your ideas. Thanks Dan

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