On October 12th a 28-year-old who was a newlywed and expectant father died when the pit stop switch had been jumped out and did not prevent the elevator from running down and crushing him. The whole of the elevator industry has had available to them a device that should of been made mandatory by code in 2007!!! The TIME OUT JUMPER . But I bet this device is unknow to most elevator men. A jumper that times out and becomes harmless! This device is manufactured by Wurtec and been presented to every Major elevator contractor union and non union in the world. Multiple deaths of workers and passengers and countless injuries have occurred and still as an industry we continue to use the age old wire jumper. I will continue to try to gain acceptance for the device I invented to help save the lives and prevent injury to my fellow elevator mechanics and the riding public. But my hope dwindles as more and more lives are destroyed for no reason.