I found the rv input relay, yes very hard to notice velcro'd deep in the cop. It has 3 teeminals going in one side, one wire coming out the opposite end. It has a diode soldered on the two outer terminals (which id guess is the coil) and the inner wire had 24v. Under no circumstances was power present at the coil to energize it.

At the hall button interface in the ducting I have 24vdc on the signal wires (twisted pair) from the processor, removing that input from the hall board causes the hallbutton lights to go out, interesting. Apparently this twisted pair should only carry tones (900mhz, 910mhz, etc.) to the tone board to be converted into hall calls, curious as to why it has 24vdc on it?

Makes me think this is a processor issue still.

Upon closer inspection my old processor has external jumpers in a few different places not present on the new board. Is it common for otis to make such changes job specific?

Ill attach pictures for reference.

Also found out i only have generic lrv prints, my LRS is considerably different. Lovely.